All consultations are free of charge

Cut and style options

(All cuts include a wash style and blowave)

Head shave (clippers all over, 20min)$35
Men’s tidy up (rebooking before 4 weeks 30min)$45
Men’s cut (standard 4 weeks and over 45min)$65
Women’s cut (45-1hr)$90
Women’s restyle (complete change 1.15hr appointment)$110
Kids cuts up to 12yrs (30min booking)$35

Colours/treatment services

Semi colour from $105
Permanent colour from $115
Highlights from $135
Lightening from $120
Straightening/smoothing treatments from $250
Perm/waving treatments from $150
Treatments from $30


Blowave (45min wash and style)$55
GHD over (30min, quick run of irons over hair to be prewashed and dry)$35
Hair up from (time dependant)$85
All services are quoted on consultation. We look forward to tailoring a service to fit your personal hair needs